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Alphabetical w/ Definitions

  1. Raceme
    A once-branched inflorescence that flowers from the bottom up (See also Panicle).

  2. Rachis
    The main axis of a compound leaf or inflorescence.

  3. Radial
    Parts arranged around a common center point.

  4. Recurved
    Bent or curved backward.

  5. Reflexed
    Bent abruptly backwards or downwards.

  6. Resinous
    Having or containing resin; being sticky.

  7. Reticulate
    Appearing like a net, or network (See also Net-veined).

  8. Revolute
    Margins rolled downward towards underside of leaf.

  9. Rhizome
    An underground stem, distinguishable by the presence of nodes, buds, or leaves (See also Stolon and Tiller).

  10. Rhombic
    Diamond-shaped with 4 sides; petiole attached at one of the corners.

  11. Rosette
    Radiating cluster of leaves.

  12. Rounded
    Wide curved shape that is wider than Obtuse with less of a point, while not being so flattened as to approach Truncate.

  13. Rugose
    A wrinkled surface as on a leaf.

Tutorial Terms

Leaf Apex

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Base

Leaf Margin

Leaf Shape



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