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Botanical Terminology Tutorial
Leaf Arrangement
Leaf Shape
Leaf Margin
Leaf Apex
Leaf Base
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Alphabetical w/ Definitions

  1. Falcate
    Hooked like a sickle or beak of a falcon.

  2. Fascicle
    A bundle or enclosure surrounding multiple parts (some evergreen needles, e.g. pines, are in a fascicle).

  3. Fasciculate
    Multiple leaves appearing bundled in a fascicle (such as on a pine).

  4. Fastigiate
    Branches erect and grown parallel, giving a broom-like appearance.

  5. Fetid
    Foul-smelling, rancid.

  6. Fibrous Roots
    Roots that are well branched, more thread-like, and scattered with no central leader (See also Taproot).

  7. Filament
    The stalk of the stamen that holds the anther on a male flower.

  8. Flabellate
    Fan-like, fan-shaped.

  9. Flower
    Reproductive part of plant consisting of one or more of the following: stamens, pistils, sepals or petals.

  10. Foliage
    All of the leaves of a plant.

  11. Foliose
    Leaf or leaf-like; small unfurled leaves without a bud scale.

  12. Fringed
    Decorative or stringy hairs along margin; can be seed, buds, leaves, etc (See also Tufted).

  13. Funnelform
    Funnel shaped; increasing in size from the base to the apex.

Tutorial Terms

Leaf Apex

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Base

Leaf Margin

Leaf Shape



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