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Leaf Arrangement
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Alphabetical w/ Definitions

  1. Taproot
    A central root that has smaller fibers coming off of it (See also Fibrous root).

  2. Tendril
    A twining stem that supports a vine.

  3. Terminal
    The end or tip of a part (See also Basal).

  4. Thorn
    A hard sharp modified stem; can branch and have leaves and buds (See also Spine and Bristle).

  5. Tiller
    A stiff basal or underground shoot that is mostly erect (See also Rhizome and Stolon).

  6. Tomentose
    Covered in a mat of short soft hair

  7. Trace
    The scar of the veins left behind when the leaf falls off (abscision), located within a leaf scar.

  8. Tree
    A large woody plant typically with a main trunk.

  9. Truncate
    Leaf base or apex is perpendicular to leaf petiole and relatively straight across

  10. Trunk
    The main stem of a tree.

  11. Tufted
    A clump of hairs that are arranged in a dense cluster (See also Fringed).

  12. Twig
    A branch or shoot from a shrub or tree.

  13. Twining
    A stem that spirals around another object for support.

  14. Two-ranked
    Aligned in two rows on opposite sides.

  15. Two-scaled
    Two scales on a bud.

Tutorial Terms

Leaf Apex

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Base

Leaf Margin

Leaf Shape



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