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 Botanical Terminology Tutorial
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Botanical Terminology Tutorial Notes

This tutorial is not an all encompassing glossary of all terms used in plant identification.

What this tutorial is… Identification Features

This tutorial is an online introduction to botanical terminology used when identifying plant material. This site is to be used as a learning tool to familiarize oneself with commonly used terms when discussing plants. Specifically, the focus is on woody plant material in Central Illinois, but much of the work is usable in any part of the world. The primary audience for this project is for students who are learning woody plant material identification for the first time and who are enrolled in HORT 301 or HORT 302.

Current Focus

Tutorial Terms

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Shapes

Leaf Margins

Leaf Bases

Leaf Apices





2005 Gary J. Kling and Laura L. Hayden, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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