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Alphabetical w/ Definitions

  1. Palmate
    Lobed, veined, or divided from a common point; usually 3 or more parts radiating from a common point; Veins, leaflets, lobes, etc.

  2. Panicle
    A twice-branched, inflorescence maturing from the bottom towards the top.

  3. Parallel
    Veins running nearly parallel; can be veins running parallel to the leaf axis or to each other.

  4. Pedicel
    A stalk of an individual flower (See also Peduncle).

  5. Peduncle
    A main stalk of an inflorescence from which the individual pedicels may arise. (See also Pedicel).

  6. Pendulous
    Drooping or hanging downward.

  7. Perfect
    A flower that has both pistils and stamens.

  8. Perfoliate
    Leaf surrounds stem directly attaching to it; stem appears to go through the center of leaf; there is no petiole.

  9. Petiole
    The leaf-stalk or axis connecting the leaf to the stem.

  10. Petiolule
    The stalk or axis of the leaflets in a compound leaf .

  11. Pinnate
    Parts arranged along opposite sides of an axis; A leaf with a prominent midvein and veins along both sides of the midvein; Compound leaf with leaflets arranged along opposite sides of a petiolule or leaf stalk.

  12. Pistil
    The female part of the flower typically consisting of a stigma, style, and ovary. Commonly referred to as the gynoecium (See also Stamen).

  13. Pith
    The spongy tissue in the center of a stem or root (consisting of parenchyma cells).

  14. Polygamo-dioecious
    Mostly dioecious, but with some perfect flowers. (See also dioecious).

  15. Polygamo-monoecious
    Mostly monoecious, but will some perfect flowers (See also dioecious).

  16. Polymorphic
    Many shaped.

  17. Prickle
    A small sharp growth arising from the epidermis (See also thorn).

  18. Procumbent
    Growing or following along the ground, but not rooting where it touches.

  19. Prostrate
    Lying flat along the ground.

  20. Puberulent
    Diminutive of pubescent; having fine short hairs.

  21. Pubescent
    The surface of leaf or stem is covered with short fine hairs.

  22. Pyramidal
    Triangular-shaped that is taller than wide with the width being 2/3 the height.

Tutorial Terms

Leaf Apex

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Base

Leaf Margin

Leaf Shape



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