Leaf Veins: Palmate
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Japanese Maple
(Acer palmatum)
Illustration of Palmate Leaf Veins
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Purpleblow Maple
(Acer truncatum)
White Poplar
(Populus alba)
More difficult: This following example is a leaf that is palmately compound. It has veins on the leaflets that are pinnate. The primary veins are palmate.
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Common Horsechestnut
(Aesculus hippocastanum)



Leaf Veins: Palmate

Several primary veins of approximately equal size radiating from a common point; Palmately veined leaves are often lobed or divided with lobes radiating from the common point.

Palmate leaves can vary in the number of primary veins (3 or more), but they will always radiate from a common point.

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